The Death of Pop-Teal, Concrete Diver

I’ve finally killed Pop-Teal, Concrete Diver.

The sign reads “Call, Don’t Fall”


I’ve finally lost the “concrete diver” part of the moniker.

Having to take a defibrulator everywhere with you is kinda stressful…
As most of you know, last Friday’s visit to the Emergency led to a full week in the ICU unit at Alta Bates. It was grand fun. While I was there I got chased down by nurses, went through four roommates, heard eight code blues, got kissed by a Berkeley emeriti, and picked up an orderly. Good times.
Note the boxes. They hellof abused me!
Frank was a pretty cool friend 🙂
I was tested to the EXTREME—we had constant monitors, echos, ekgs, CTs, blood, a few hot doctors and a few ugly ones, and finally the tilt-test. The tilt test is what kept me there for EVER, and all I know is it was a success- my HR jumped so high they decided that shocking my ass back to life was a bad idea, skipped the end, and went straight to diagnosis.
That’s my heart– how awesome is that?!?!
Apparently I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome– I’m a POT. Basically, my heart rate jumps from a nice, normal 60 BPM, to something like, oh, 190+ when I stand up. This is where all that insane energy comes from, if I’m not using energy, I’m dead. My life suddenly makes sense.
I tell you, abused!
So no, I am not Amy Winehouse, though the quote concerning her from WWTDD is still appropriate: “When you’re 2{1}-years-old, and you’re in the hospital this often, and you’re not a cage fighter or black market mercenary, something is up. You should get arrested just for that.” We’re gonna hope that the drugs will make this a little less accurate…
My room with a view– you could see the sunset over the bay from it!
A special thanks to my loves for coming to visit me and bring me food and basically making a week in the hospital possible. Really, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Sam in a Vietnamese hat
All of my friends who came to visit:
Grandma Strips in her spare time (obvs)
Steph and Havah
Steph and Casey
The View
Juice Box!

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